How to save money when hiring a limousine service?

How to save money when hiring a limousine service?

This article looks into few practical ways for you to save some money when hiring a limo service; it is brought to you by Avenue Road Limo services Toronto.

We automatically assume hiring a limo service can be costly, and we shy away from it because of that reason. But truth be told that many limo services, especially in the greater Toronto area are offering very competitive rates. Every limo service is a custom event; it can be tailored to your needs. There are many variables come into play such as what type of vehicle you would be hiring, or how far is the destination. Will you require separate drop offs and pick ups, or you can manage to gather all your friends in one centralized location. We often forget the fact a limo service doesn’t need to be dedicated to you only; maybe you can hire a limo service just for few hours. Rate will vary and quote will differ from company to company, usually speaking a smaller or independent limo company usually can offer you the most flexibility. If the owner of the company only has few drivers, you can negotiate with him or her directly. Tell them your requirement and ask for alternatives, you will be surprised just how affordable a limo service can be.

With todays ever changing laws and drinking and driving charges on the rise. It is a good idea to get a limo to shuttle you to your destination in style. For example one of the most affordable limo would be the Lincoln Towncars, they are often used as airport taxis. The Lincoln will comfortably seat 4 occupants, and if you and your party friends are going to the same destination, sharing the cost of a Lincoln Towncar is cheaper than your average taxi. Work out a fixed weekend schedule with your limo company; propose an offer such as booking the service every other weekend. The limo company will most likely offer you a discounted rate based on the volume of business. If you can manage to get every body to chip in for the limo service, it will be cheaper than you driving to downtown Toronto and park your vehicle for $20. Avoid the risk of drinking and driving, next time you are planning on a night out, share the cost of a limo and you will thank yourself when the night is over.

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