How to spot and avoid Internet limo brokers.

How to spot and avoid Internet limo brokers.

This article deals with the topic of Internet limo brokers, it will show you how to spot and avoid them to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

Have you surfed the net recently for something only to find something completely different? With today’s search engines it is harder and harder to distinguish the difference from a broker to an actual business. Internet brokers exist in many businesses, primary an Internet broker will have invested heavily into SEO or “search engine optimization” work to receive the top placement in their target key phrases. This is very true in the limo business as well, for example if you are searching for the key phrase “best limo prices” and get a link to a company called ABS limos. You should look at the website closely before making any quick decisions on your limo booking. For example, do they have a listed phone number where you can call directly? Do you get a live person on the other end of the phone? Do they have listed address, with a valid postal code? These are some of the tell tale signs of a broker, regardless of the industry they are working in.

So why should you avoid these Internet brokers? Simple, think logically, a broker is in a nut shell the middle man. Because the broker provides the customers to a particular limo company, they are rewarded or “paid” for their referral. Let’s use $100 per customer as an example, knowing this lead came from ABS limos, the real limo company will have to increase the service fee to cover for this referral system. In turn you are paying a higher premium by going through this route. On the other hand if you contacted the real limo company on your own, you are in a better position to negotiate a better deal for your trip.

So the next time you are looking a web site claims to be a legitimate limo company browse around, search their fleet, call up the contact number listed and do your research. Avoid the costly limo brokers and get the best deal possible for your next limo trip. This article is brought to you by Avenue Road Limo services; we are your competitive limo services in the Toronto area. Whether you are looking for a night out, special occasions, airport runs, prom, and even party buses. We can offer you a competitive rate on all vehicles, visit us online at

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