Wedding limo rental tips - Avenue Road Limo services Toronto.

Wedding limo rental tips - Avenue Road Limo services Toronto.

This article looks at tips, insights and things to watch out for when it comes to wedding limo rental services, what to look for in your contract and things to avoid.

So you want to book a stretch limo in white for your perfect wedding day, but you are unsure of which company to book your limo with. Well a quick search in Google will produce you hundreds of results instantly, but what should you look for when you are comparing services and rates? For one, you should be checking the limo company’s references and testimonials. It is a common practice for limo companies to overbook their service during the peak wedding season. Because people cancel their plans or change their schedules at the last minute, many limo companies today will overbook a certain date just to make sure they will have work. This practice is similar to today’s airline industry, where overbooking a flight is quite common. But what does this mean to you? Well you may experience a “no show” or “late show” if this happens to you on your wedding day. Can you imagine what kind of disaster it would be if your wedding limo showed up an hour late, or worse never showed up at all. Your limo probably ended up with another client who is willing to pay a little more for the service, and the limo company would like to make more profit, therefore your limo went to someone else without you knowing.

Wedding limo services unlike other types of service should follow a strict schedule, don’t try to save a little by booking limos from airport limo companies, because airport limo services have a difficult time keeping up with a proper schedule. You should look for limo companies that are willing to offer you some kind of guarantee on paper, so in the event of “no show” or “late show” you will have something on paper and will be compensated for.

It is always a good idea to start your limo search early, for wedding limo services you should start your search 2 to 4 month ahead of time. With that extra time on your hands you can research, research and research. Make sure you do your home work to compare rates, and services by reading testimonials, blogs, and reviews. Booking a limo well ahead of time usually can mean savings in your pocket as well, a reputable limo company runs on a strict schedule for their clients, they will appreciate the advance booking so they can manage their limo runs more effectively. Ask your limo company if there is any advanced booking discount, you will be surprised how flexible they can be.

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