Practical tips on how to find a reputable limousine service in Toronto.

Practical tips on how to find a reputable limousine service in Toronto.

This article will offer you some practical tips on how to look for a good limo service in the Toronto area, what kind of question you should ask before your booking.

The first question you should ask your limousine company when you are trying to gauge if they are reputable or not is the insurance policy coverage. A reputable limo company should have adequate insurance coverage for their fleet. For example if you are renting a standard stretched limo of 8 passengers, is the vehicle insured to cover 8 passengers in the event of an accident? Skipping on insurance coverage is a typical way a limo company can save money by cutting corners, but a reputable company will not. If you have any doubt or questions ask if you can see a faxed version of the insurance binder. Another good question to ask is “do you accept credit cards”. Because having a setup to accept all major credit card charges can be costly, many small companies will avoid this all together but a reputable limo company will offer such service. Ask if your limo service is willing to send or fax you a booking confirmation after your reserved your limo, this will show you just how professional this limo company is, as well as the level of customer service you can expect from them.

Ask for their cancellation policy, and what is the penalty and what is the minimum amount of time required for a cancellation. Once again this will be a direct reflection of their customer service and professionalism as a company. Another important question to ask is “will I be sharing a ride with anyone”, believe it or not some discounted limo services are able to offer you the rate because they book multiple parties in one limo run. Don’t be fooled by the low rates next time because you maybe forced to share a limo with other strangers. Another good question to ask is “can I rent a limo for 24 hours”? This will indicate how many drivers a limo company have, if they are low on man power they will not allow a 24 hour rental service, but if they are well equipped and have enough drivers on stand by, this maybe possible.

Don’t book your limo service based on Google ranking alone, why? Because some web sites are limo brokers where they have spent large amount of money just to rank well under certain search terms. And when you commit to a booking, you are not dealing with AAA limo services directly, instead you are book brokered to another limo service all together. This will become an issue if you get into an accident, or you are looking for a refund, so be careful not to become a victim of limo brokers. Usually the best way to determine this quickly is a phone call to the limo company and asks if you are speaking with their customer service department. This article is brought to you by Avenue Road Limo services; we are your competitive limo services in the Toronto area. Whether you are looking for a night out, special occasions, airport runs, prom, and even party buses. We can offer you a competitive rate on all vehicles, visit us online at

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