Hire a party bus limo for your next special event - Avenue Road Limo Service

Hire a party bus limo for your next special event - Avenue Road Limo Service

This article looks at the pros of booking a party bus limo service, it is brought to you by Avenue Road Limo services.

So you need something different and distinctive for your next special event, and you are not sure what type of limo to get? Well you should consider the situation thoroughly before making a commitment. Many people often don’t think of the party bus when they are thinking of limo service. A limo company will often carry many various types of limos in their inventory. And a party bus is usually reserved for the bigger group but you can some times get great deals on them if they are sitting empty. A typical party bus seats about 24 to 30 passengers, it is more costly compare to a regular limo but if you work out the price per person. It is actually cheaper to take the party bus. These types of vehicle are ideal for long distance travels, stag party, or any event that will involve a bigger group. It is better to take one vehicle to reach your destination versus two, so make sure you ask if the limo company offers a limo bus service before you commit to a booking.

Another great thing with limo bus aside from the comfort and space is the fact passengers typically seats higher to have better visibility of the scenery. A limo party bus is easier to maneuver compare to the stretched Lincoln or Cadillacs, not to mention there is a lot more head room and space. At Avenue Road Limo we are offering promotional party bus tours to the region of Niagara Falls, book with us today whether you are planning a stag party or just a casino run. Experience the ultimate luxury in a party bus!  We have a 28 passenger party bus available for booking; it has 3 bars, 3 flat screens, and state of the art entertainment system. Ask us for our special promotional rates and party in style the next time you are in Toronto with Avenue Road Limousine services.

This article is brought to you by Avenue Road Limo services; we are your competitive limo services in the Toronto area. Whether you are looking for a night out, special occasions, airport runs, prom, and even party buses. We can offer you a competitive rate on all vehicles, visit us online at http://www.avenueroadlimo.com

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