Alternative to taking a taxi in Toronto.

Alternative to taking a taxi in Toronto.

This article looks into a practical alternative to the taxi service, it is designed for people who will need to commute in and out of downtown Toronto area.

If you are like me having been partying for the past few years in the downtown Toronto area, you probably already know how costly it is to take a taxi at the end of the night. With new laws banning drinking and driving in Toronto area it is becoming ever growing more expensive to take a taxi after your night is done. One of the primary reasons people still drink and drive it is because of cost, since the TTC is not running at the wee hours of the morning, the party crowd have no choice but to drink and drive. A typical taxi ride from downtown Toronto to Scarborough cost as much as $50, if you calculate both trips to go and from the club, you will be looking at $100 per evening.

Many people don’t think of calling a limo service because they fear the service can be expensive, in actuality a limo service is cheaper than taxi. Many limo companies will have Lincoln Towncars, Chrysler 300 for their airport services. You can pre-book a standard Lincoln Towncar for a round trip to your party destination for as little as $80. Which is 20% cheaper compare to your typical taxi, not to mention you are riding in style and been picked up from your front door, and dropped off at your front door. Your limo will be waiting for you outside the club after the evening has ended, and you will have a guaranteed ride home without any worries.

So the next time you plan a night out in the Toronto area, pre-book an airport limo from your favorite limo company and you will be pleasantly surprised on how little this service will cost. This article is brought to you by Avenue Road Limo services; we are your competitive limo services in the Toronto area. Whether you are looking for a night out, special occasions, airport runs, prom, and even party buses. We can offer you a competitive rate on all vehicles, visit us online at

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