What kind questions should you ask when booking a limo service?

This article looks at some of the commonly asked questions you should be aware of when reserving a limo service. It will help you as well as the limo company to establish a proper contract.

If you are thinking of booking a limo service for your special occasion whether it is a wedding, birthday, prom, or just a night out with your friends, there are few questions you should clarify with your limo company before signing the contract. For one, it is a good idea to clarify with your limo company if your fees include driver’s tip. It is a good practice to give your driver a tip before you leave the limo for the last time just like a taxi service. However some times the tip can be included within your contract. Ask your limo company to specify if you need to pay the tip out of your pocket or is it inclusive within the rental fee. There is nothing more embarrassing when you don’t have your wallet and your driver is expecting a tip from you. Remember a tip for the limo service is a lot more than your average taxi, so prepare yourself ahead of time.

If you plan to drink in the limo you should also ask if there is any cups, ice provided by the limo company. These items maybe not be part of the service agreement, and you may have to bring them with you. Remember drinking in a limo is not for minors and make sure you are doing so in a safe and law bidding fashion. Another good question to ask your limo service is in regards to smoking. Many service providers today may not allow smoking inside the limo fear of burns and damage to the upholstery. But it can be arranged if you ask for permission and agree to pay for any damages result from smoking inside the car.

Make sure to check the limo company’s hourly rate, because you maybe delayed or something unexpected may happen to cause your limo and driver to wait for hours. Prepare yourself well, and ask if there are any extra charges if something like that occurred. When you compare rates from one limo company to another, you should make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Ask for the seating capacity of their vehicle, make and model are important as well, if you want your perfect evening to go smoothly the best thing you can do is to prepare yourself.

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